Vision on (blended) learning

A good blended design for flexible learning with result

We use the design model for blended learning ontwerpmodel and the education principles of Merrill for the development ofeducation programs. This ensures a robust design and effective and attractive learning.

The required ingredients in a didactic concept are part of our vision

  • Interactive (video) methods and exercises
  • Good examples and educational instructions
  • Connection to (working) practice and everyday life
  • Individual support with good feedback
  • Assessment in order to monitor learning
  • Peerfeedback
  • Choices (content, pace and/or education pathway
  • Collaboration

We use technology to shape these ingredients.

The design of a didactic concept is dependent on many factors, such as learning outcomes, content and context.

Part-time education
What didactic concept suits part-time education?

The target group and context determine the approach. Part-time students are often working professionals who require flexible education and a close link with the professional environment. This means that the following ingredients are emphasized in this approach:

  • Flexible assessment:
    Disconnecting education and assessment (education pathway dependent). The professional can participate in the examination or prove that he/she meets the requirements, independent from the related education
  • Connection to (working) practice and everyday life
    Learning within the context of the personal workplace. Application or internship assignments are performed in the workplace and are supported online
  • Individual supervision with good feedback
    Customization in terms of supervision and feedback. Students can give part of the feedback themselves (peer feedback and peer review)/span>
  • Choices (content, pace and/or education pathway)
    independent units/modules that are offered in a non-sequential order. Learning material that is online accessible 24/7 and well-structured.
  • Collaboration. For example, in fixed small learning teams
    Online and face-to-face, for experiencing social connection. A 'friend' system is also suitable