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Project Description We have developed a course for the Faculty of Technology Innovation and Society (TIS) of the The Hague

Together with Cinop we have developed a course about supervision of online learning. Online and blended learning offers new possibilities

Within the existing education environment of the PABO (university for teacher education) of the Windesheim university of applied sciences we

We regularly organize workshops about blended learning for teachers. In these workshops teachers are introduced to blended learning and learn

Teachers from the The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Built Environment) requested help to 'flip' their mechanics course in such

Together with 8 teachers from the Communication and Media Design program we are currently working on a blended design and

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Netherlands Water Program offers a program to teach young professionals abroad

We created this learning platform and these blended learning courses for Jeugdzorg Nederland (The Netherlands Youth Welfare). There are now

Deltion is a large MBO college (basic vocational college) that is quite active in the area of blended learning. However

Think about the vision on education on the basis of your own expertise: this was one of the discussions at

Professionalization and Development go hand-in-hand. The Pedagogy faculty of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences is working on updating their

We developed this course with a team of trainers and behavioral experts active in youth welfare. The course is aimed

Curriculum innovation development teams receive didactic support. Last year the faculty started with a curriculum renewal. The moment has now

The course is designed for employees of councils who have to communicate and negotiate with different stakeholders. "How to achieve