Education innovation: how do you involve everyone?

Consider a process coach!

As a process coach, we assume the role of expert, partner and coach in the development and innovation of education within basic vocational and higher professional education.
At current, at lot is asked of both teachers and education teams when it comes to education development. There are many ideas about innovation and flexibility in education and about the application of blended learning in this innovation.  

Especially for part-time programs, there is a need for new educational concepts, in which educational development, organizational development, use of technology and teacher development must go hand in hand. 

As a process coach, we can provide:

  • Support: in the development of a vision on learning, in making decisions about flexibility and related educational concepts,
  • Supervision: of reflections and discussions towards joint decision making
  • Verbreden: vanuit brede kennis van andere projecten docenten ‘over het muurtje kijken’: hoe doen anderen dit?
  • Development: working together in teams on the development of blended education. This also often provides teams with energy and cooperation skills.
  • Coaching: teachers who start with newly developed blended education can use a lot of help. The first time is exciting and raises a lot of didactic and technical questions.