Preparing vocational and higher education for the future. Modern Internet and communication technologies offer many possibilities to make education more flexible with more differentiation and customization. As a result, courses can achieve improved learning results, a better flow and less downtime. Technology also offers the possibility to connect education better with the actual requirements of society, future employers and customers. Finally, technology can stimulate and support student collaboration and a sense of connection to their course.

Designing, providing and supervising blended education is and remains human work. We ensure that teachers are well-equipped, through courses and workshops in which they learn how to use technology - on the basis of adequate didactic design - and give online coaching and feedback.
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Education innovations are extensive and complex processes in terms of team and organizational development, policy, quality and culture.
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Different education pathways, education pathway independent examinations, personalized learning; they are all popular today. Clear goals are required for improved flexibility. What do you want to achieve? Improved flow, less downtime, better connection to the working practice of part-time students? Goals and priorities determine the aspects on the basis of which flexibility must be achieved. To help you we have created a Flex Indicator.

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